Pet Owners

Pet Owners

All dogs / cats enjoy running and playing. In fact, it is necessary for their physical and mental well being. The best and safest place for a dog / cat to run and play is in its owner’s yard.

Responsible Pet Owner’s are aware that not everyone in their neighbourhood appreciates dogs / cats and may regard uninvited dogs / cats on their property as unwelcome guests.


Pet Owners’ Responsibilities

Dog / cat owners are responsible for the actions of their dog / cat at all times.

All dog / cat owners are required to license their pet annually.

Responsible pet owners reduce the risk of their pet running at large by:

Making sure their dog / cat is unable to escape from their property

Keeping their dog / cat on a leash when off of their property

Running at Large

Puts Your Dog / Cat At Increased Risk Of:

  • Being injured in traffic accidents and fights with other animals
  • Inhumane treatment by people
  • Becoming lost, in some cases, never to be reunited with their owner
  • Contracting disease

May Create A Nuisance For Others By:

  • Frightening people who are not comfortable around dogs / cats
  • Defecating on property other than that of their owner
  • Behaving in a destructive manner, i.e. digging in gardens, ripping open garbage bags
  • Posing a risk to other pets and wild animals
  • Wearing a license tag increases the chances that your dog / cat will be returned to you should it go missing.
  • The Council of the Town of Bienfait has deemed it necessary to provide regulations for licensing dogs and cats and regulating persons owning or harbouring dogs and cats, Council hereby created: a Bylaw for Licensing Dogs and Cats
  • No owner of any dog or cat shall be in possession of such dog or cat unless such dog or cat has been licensed for the current license year.


Pet Licenses are available at the Town Office.

Licensing Fees:

  • Dog/Cat – Spayed or Neutered $10.00
  • Dog/Cat – Not Spayed or Neutered $15.00
  • Restricted Dog $25.00
  • Replacement tags $2.00

The licensing year of the dog or cat shall be from the first day of January to the thirty-first day of December of the same year.